Zoom Gardening Courses

Our Zoom Gardening Courses are limited to 10 persons, ensuring all participants will experience intimate and informative gardening lessons, from Tanguy.
It is a great way for participants to learn, all about a 'No Dig' garden, from the comfort of their own home. So why not give the gift of gardening, or treat yourself to this live online Zoom 'Start Your Garden From Scratch' course, with Dunmore Country School.

We run our Start Your Garden From Scratch courses at various stages, throughout the year, so keep an eye on shop page for up to date details on all our latest gardening courses. 

Start Your Garden From Scratch

Online Gardening Course: Delivered over four, hour long, weekly sessions..
Face to Face Gardening Course: Consists of a Half Day Course at Dunmore Country School

Course Content

 Kitchen Garden Design

How to organize your garden and optimize the space

Crop rotation

Start a bed from grass (different techniques explained)

Create a shelter

How to follow a plan (time frame, first things to do, etc.)

Compost, soil

Fruit trees, shrubs and other plants

Mix the vegetable with the flowers

And much, much more.....