Polytunnel Courses

Would you like to travel 1000km south without too much carbon foot print? 

Well, just go inside your polytunnel. The good news is: it will not be virtual!

A polytunnel is not perfect and it is not possible to grow everything well in it during the whole season. But by picking out the right crops and by propagating all the seedlings you need, it is an outstanding addition to your kitchen garden. It is efficient, economical and it will allow you to successfully grow “exotic” crops like tomatoes, aubergine, melons and basil and so much more.

This Zoom gardening course is limited to 10 persons, ensuring all participants will experience intimate and informative gardening lessons, from Tanguy.
It is a great way for participants to learn, from the comfort of their own home. So why not give the gift of gardening, or treat yourself to this live Zoom 'Polytunnel' course, with Dunmore Country School.
You will learn how to create a no dig Polytunnel. This system will save you time and effort, and perhaps most importantly saves your back from all those aches and pains, as you learn how to develop your garden the 'no dig' way.

Course material will include videos and pictures, all commented on live, and any gardening questions you have are most welcome.

Course Content

Optimise the space
How to orientate a polytunnel

How to organise your polytunnel (where and how to build your propagator, benches, watering system)
What crops and non crops should I grow in my polytunnels?
Everything about water
Plant production (propagator, plugs, pots, seedling and potting compost)
Inter cropping, companion planting, self-seeding, sowing calendar
A space for nature: grow the flowers and good companion planting to boost biodiversity, allow birds and insects to come inside
Fertilisers and crop plunderer understanding, crop rotation
Some interesting plants and varieties to grow
Sowing calendar

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