John Jones with Tanguy de Toulgoët

Below is Episode 059, and 060, from John Jones' excellent Master My Garden Podcast, on companion planting in the garden, with Tanguy de Toulgoët of Dunmore Country School, which is situated just outside Durrow in County Laois. 
Dunmore Country School is the home and garden of Tanguy and Isabelle de Toulgoët. They came to Laois twenty five years ago, to live their dream life. Tanguy and Isabelle have been immersed in cooking and food production since their childhood. To share their experience, they founded Dunmore Country School, a working teaching kitchen garden in 2009. The garden is a potager-style, and nature friendly, which though only an acre in size yields a huge variety of plants and vegetables and even melons.
The sustainable kitchen garden is also a no-dig garden, which saves a lot of backache, as the worms do the digging for the garden.
They are acutely aware of the tiny relationships in nature that make a huge difference to the ultimate health of a garden, and like any other school, we love to share our knowledge with people!

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