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Intensive horticultural course (€100)

What is covered during the day:

  • Planning and design of your garden and polytunnel.
  • Soil, composition, how to improve it.
  • composting and how to use the compost.
  • Calendar of sowing & companion planting.
  • Spacing vegetables.
  • Weeds and their uses.
  • Vegetable varieties, sowing and planting
  • Fruit trees, fruit bushes and roses pruning explained.
  • Tools, mulching, hoeing.
  • Vegetable garden, kitchen garden, pleasure garden.

This course is a must if you want to understand in just one day the essence of traditional gardening.  

You will be well equipped to follow the seasonal courses.

The cost of this course is 100 euro per person.

It is a full day course. It starts at 9h30 and finishes at 16h.

Small groups up to 8

You will get tea/coffee on arrival, tea break around 11am and lunch at 1pm.
At the end of the course you will be equipped to start your own garden and a full range of follow up courses will be available to you.

"Thank you for what truly was a magical day. Your course was exactly what I wanted, I appreciate your patience with all my questions and note taking and the food was absolutely divine." Anne Murphy

"I want to thank you both for the most enjoyable and INFORMATION PACKED day yesterday. Your hospitality and welcome matched your wealth of knowledge, love and experience of the soil and what it lovingly can produce given care and respect."


Start you garden from scratch (€50)

It is a half day course.

What is covered during the day

  • Kitchen garden design.
  • how to organize it and optimize the space.
  • Crop rotation.
  • Start a bed from grass (different techniques explained).
  • create a shelter.
  • How to follow a plan (time frame, first things to do, etc.)
  • Compost, soil.
  • fruit trees, shrubs and other plants.
  • Mix the vegetable with the flowers.
  • And more...

"I have been collecting every conceivable book, magazine article and paper cutting on gardening for the last 25 years. It always seemed beyond reach until I did my first course with Tanguy. All the dots joined up calmly and rationally.Gardening has again become guilt free and fun."


Polytunnel course (€50)

It is a half day course.

What is covered during the day

  • Plant production (propagator, plugs, pots, seedling and potting compost).
  • Herb drying (culinary and medicinal).
  • Inter cropping, companion planting, self seeding.
  • Winter storage (leeks, escarole).
  • Mimic a dry summer and use of comfrey fermented extract with compost.
  • Use of Water.
  • Grow the flowers.
"Just a quick mail to thank you for a fantastic morning last Saturday. I have been in the horticultural industry all my life and your enthusiasm and knowledge has given me a completely new outlook on how I garden. I am so excited about transforming our glasshouse in the coming months. "


Spring course (€50)

It is a half day course.

What is covered during the day:

  • Planning your garden 
  • Start your garden from scratch
  • Element of design with nature.
  • Compost: how to make it and use it.
  • Rotation.
  • Manage your polydome or green house
  • Element of design with nature.
  • "I booked a gardening course for my husband with you last spring/summer and he ABSOLUTELY loved it! He still talks about it all the time.

This Christmas I would like a voucher for him again but I would like him to choose what it's for. He has often mentioned organising a consultation with you for our new site/field which will hopefully become our home in the next few years." Ciara

Summer course (€50)

It is a half day course. 

What is covered during the day

  • Tomato and chili pepper pruning.
  • Plant extract and different spray.
  • Planting summer crops.
  • Potato blight everything explained.
  • Spacing vegetables.
  • Hoeing and watering, mulching.
  • Manage your polytunnel.
  • Rose care.

"Tanguy is acutely aware of the tiny relationships in nature that make a huge difference to the ultimate health of a garden. "

Jane Powers
Irish times

Autumn course (€50)

It is a half day course. 

What is covered during the day:


  • Planning the next year.
  • Start your garden from scratch.
  • Element of design with nature.
  • Compost: how to make it and use it.
  • Rotation.
  • Manage your polydome or green house.
  • Rose care.
  • Be ready for next year.
  • Any questions will be answered.

"He pulls apart a raised bed of greens to unearth a potato that formed
last summer but now is ready for a winter stew. Elsewhere, he unearths a celeriac, and in
another spot he pulls back the ground to reveal a blanched endive. He covers it again for safe
keeping. It’s as if he is foraging in a wilderness of his own planting."

Adrian Higgins (Washington Post)

The cost of this course is 90 euro per person 

It is a full day course. It starts at 10h and finishes at 15h.

What is covered during the day:

    Ø Basics of a bee nest

    Ø Construction (Warre system and Delon system, Japanese system)

    Ø How to preserve the hive?

    Ø Starting from scratch (Amm, location, where to buy?)

    Ø Management

    Ø Managing the increase. (split, shook swarm, varroa, winter store, requeening)

    Ø Tools

    Ø Bait hives (use)

    Ø Driving bees with sound and smoke

    Ø Honey harvest (gravity, press, melting of the pressed cake)

    Ø Wax (melting)

    Ø Propolis (varnish for the hive)

    Ø Pollen (leave it to the bees)

    Ø Mead and honey cake from the melting of pressed cake


      "Thanks for an outstanding educational course. Also thanks to your wife (I did'nt get her name) for the wonderful food. I meant to ask for the name of the greens which was served at lunch. Delicious !" Mick 

      "Thank you for a very informative course it was great to have such a practical aspect to the day.
      Also thank you to Isabelle for such lovely food." Bill

Cancellation policy: 
There will be no refunds for cancellations made one week prior to the course.