Date courses

Due to COVID-19 our courses will be rescheduled when possible


Intensive horticultural course €100

from 9h30 to 16h

Friday 13th March (booked)

Saturday 21st of March (Booked)

Saturday 28th of March (Booked)

Wednesday 8th of April 

Saturday 25th April

Saturday 2nd May

Saturday 20th June

Start you garden from scratch €50 
Monday 16th of March (10am to 1 pm)
Saturday 9th of May (2pm to 5pm)

Polytunnel course €50 
Monday 16th of March (2pm to 5pm) (booked)
Tuesday 7th of April (10am to 1pm)
Saturday 18th of April (10am to 1pm)

Spring course €50

Friday 20th March (10am to 1pm)

Summer course €50

 Saturday 9th of May (10am to 1pm) 
Autumn course €50 

Warre natural bee-keeping course €90 (10h to 15h)
Saturday 14th of March (Booked)
Friday 27th of March

Saturday 4th of April (Booked)

Friday 1st of May (3 spaces lef)

Saturday 23rd of May

Cancellation policy:

 There will be no refunds for cancellations made one week prior to the course.